Kitchen Stack Cleaning

Kitchen Stack Cleaning

We all know the difficulty of kitchen stack cleaning in high-rise buildings. We’ve also seen disastrous back-ups due to kitchen stack clogs. Cleaning the pipes on the inside might sound simple. However, when it comes to kitchen stack cleaning, properly flushing out all grease and limestone build-up involves a complicated multistage process.

Before and After

We Understand Requirements

We understand the inconvenience this service causes. Residents often work from home these days, so we work with them to complete our work in convenient timeframes. Prior to beginning any work, all work areas is covered to prevent accidental splashes that may damage the property. As soon as our work is complete, we always ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Top Quality Cleaning Equipment

We use only top quality cleaning equipment to clean through obstacles and offsets. Our Jetter Machines deliver proper cleaning water volume and pressure for every pipe size even in the tallest buildings in our city. In addition, we use the latest technology jetter nozzles for every application.

Camera Inspections

Camera inspections are conducted at every clean-out to ensure the line is clear of debris. When loose debris is left in the pipe, a blockage can occur, resulting in a backup. Especially at the end of the day when residents use their kitchen sinks and dishwashing machines.

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